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Ed Kydd

I'm originally from Connecticut, USA. My love of guitar began in 1965, during a family visit to Montreal, when my cousin taught me the 'Secret Agent Man’ riff. Cool! My folks rented me an acoustic, with the 'highest action' imaginable, forcing me to play single note lines, much to the consternation of my first 'folk' teacher. 

I started a band which was soon playing neighborhood picnics, church dances and 'battle of the bands'. 

While attending a Newport RI festival I heard of a jazz teacher, Al Dean, in Westport CT, who later became my primary motivator. He taught me sweep picking, jazz chords and position playing. This same teacher taught the now famous John Scofield, who started Berklee College of Music the same year that I did. While the rest of my high school class was attending our graduation, I had already packed up and relocated to Boston, where I attended Berklee for 5 semesters of intensive guitar study.

I returned to Connecticut where I joined a band with a Hammond organist, drummer, and sax player, (student of the late and great Stan Getz).

I traveled the country, attending college and university while playing with various rock, blues and jazz bands.                                   ==>

Finally I "settled" in Nashua, NH and graduated from Rivier College in 1994, with a Degree in Communications. 

By then I had begun teaching guitar, and after graduating, I chose teaching as my full-time occupation. I’m always trying new things. I use my extended range (bass & guitar) Novax, 8-string, fanned-fret, Charlie Hunter style guitar (shown left) for playing jazz songs. I can play lead, rhythm and bass all at once, to sound like three instruments.

I currently live in the Birch Hill area of Nashua, NH, with my wife, Bobbie, a software engineer who also finds time to play jazz and classical violin. She also studies tap, ballet and jazz dance at the Dancing Corner in Nashua. 

We now have a yellow Labrador puppy named 'Django' after the jazz guitarist, Django Reinhartd. Sadly, our beloved German Shepherd, Miles - named after the great Miles Davis - passed into doggie heaven, on March 31, 2011, at the age of 12. Miles was an exceptional dog but Django, despite his mischievous thievery, is a bundle of fun.